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תיאור קצר SupersonicAds is a global leader in advertising monetization for social entertainment applications on web and mobile.
מיקום Tel Aviv
כמות עובדים 100-1,000
מצב active
מגייסת כן
מנוהלת ע''י
אתר החברה
טכנולוגיות אנגולר, סקאלה
משרות פתוחות Description:

Supersonic is looking for an enthusiastic web developer to join the team.
Someone who's motivated to learn HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to their cutting edges and craft a great UX.
Our FEDs work with a variety of Open Source technologies: Angular.js, Grunt.js, SASS, Selenium, Jasmine & more.


Experience building web apps using client side technologies HTML/CSS/Javascript.
Knowledge of the core concepts in AJAX, HTTP, DOM.

Nice to have:

Experience with JS libs and frameworks, Object Oriented programming and design patterns.
Experience with SASS (or other CSS preprocessor)
Experience with Responsive web design
Knowledge of client side best practices & performance optimizations

Java or Scala Developer

SupersonicAds is building a Real Time Bidding (RTB) system for ad serving. This is a complicated, high scale system which has strict performance requirements. It is supposed to receive 10s-100s K Requests/sec and produce a response to each one withing 10s of msecs. Each request goes through a multi stage pipeline. System will be implemented in Scala as a programming language and a range of SQL/noSQL databases.
This is an amazing opportunity to be at the center of a project that will take SupersonicAds from a 100M$ to a 1B$ company. It’s a huge technical challenge that requires the best developers.

Work closely with Algorithm Developers and understand system requirements.
Take complete ownership of the technical development of the system.
Choose appropriate frameworks and database solutions.

BA/B.Sc in Computer Science or equivalent.
Experience implementing a highly concurrent system.
Excellent knowledge of the JVM environment:
* Tools
* Frameworks
* Performance considerations and tuning
* Concurrency
* Scala programming language- big advantage
* Good understanding of various data stores and an ability to choose the right one for the job.

Performance considerations: scale, latency, throughput
Design considerations: volume, data model, atomicity and consistency model
Understanding of functional and object oriented design patterns.
Experience creating and working in an Agile, Continuous Integration environment.
Excellent communication, teamwork, and documentation skills.
Ability to work independently and be self directed.

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