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123Completed We are a leading System Integrator, R&D, IT Consulting and Training company, Our experts combine the skill-set of database administers with java architects expertise, and have managed enterprise le... 5-20 active yes
24me 24me is your smart Personal Assistant that makes sure you don’t miss a thing! It helps you stay organized, saves you time and keeps you on top of things. 24me reminds you when your bills due, y... Or Yehuda 1-5 active
500Tech Ruby on Rails, AngularJS and Mobile development shop. Ramat Gan 5-20 active yes
9minds Application Design and Development Developing applications for Home Automation market, is looking for a front-end engineer to join our team. We’re looking for: 3 years of experience with the ... רעננה 5-20 active yes
Adallom Adallom evolves the way that enterprises secure their SaaS applications by monitoring application usage, auditing user activity, and protecting users and information from threats in real time. Tel Aviv 20-100 active
Admi תל אביב 1-5 active
Alcatel-Lucent Alcatel-Lucent CloudBand helps communications service providers deliver a better class of cloud services. This solution lets service providers use their network assets to move beyond today’s centra... כפר סבא 100-1,000 active
Algosec AlgoSec empowers organizations to manage security at the speed of business. Through its application-centric approach, AlgoSec automates and simplifies security policy management across virtual, clo... פתח תקווה 100-1,000 active
Applicaster Applicaster, a cutting-edge provider of white label broadcast solutions for cross-screen TV experiences, has been empowering world-leading broadcasters, formats, and cable companies since 2009. Ou... Tel Aviv 20-100 active yes
Applicat 20-100 active
Athena GS3 20-100 active
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ATM4Bitcoin Worldwide Bitcoin Buy & Sell & Exchange Services. Israel 5-20 active
Audyx An innovative and well funded startup using cutting edge Web technologies in Jerusalem is looking hire a lead developer, that will join a small and talentful agile team to develop a breakthrough Cl... JR active
Augury Augury offers a mobile-based solution that automatically diagnoses machines based on the sounds that they make. We connect vibration and ultrasonic sensors to smartphones and pair them with Machine... Haifa - Downtown 20-100 active yes
AVG AVG is the leading online security company. תל אביב 20-100 active
Azorly Azorly launched in July 2014 with the purpose of helping Business Owners to ask for customers reviews and feedbacks with ease: online, offline and mobile friendly. מודיעין 1-5 active
Backand Backand is the fastest and easiest way to build and run a hosted Bootstrap/AngularJS-based admin with a cloud database. Petach Tikva 5-20 active
Biks LTD BIKS is an Intelligence and knowledge services consulting firm. We specialize in initiation, concept development, strategic planning, design, promotion, training and assimilation of advanced Intell... תל אביב 20-100 active
Bits of Gold קניה ומחירה של ביטקוין בישראל תל אביב 5-20 active
BTC~Smarter eCommerce Solutions build and dev ecommerce store world wide israrl 1-5 active
CardsForest (prelaunch)1 play and create card games beer sheva 1-5 active
Cellebrite Cellebrite established its mobile forensics division in 2007, with the Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED). Cellebrite is the first and only mobile forensics vendor to provide flexible plat... פתח תקווה - פארק עופר 100-1,000 active
Cellrox Leader in mobile multi-persona solution Cellrox Ltd. was founded in 2011 by seasoned entrepreneurs and technology leaders. Our mission is to provide the best of breed solution for the adoption of... Tel Aviv 5-20 active
CheckPoint 1000+ active
Claydo Claydo is a new hi-tech startup, currently working in stealth mode with a growing, exceptional team of international talent. We aim to revolutionise an emerging and fast growing sector, within the ... Tel-Aviv 5-20 active
ClickTale ClickTale is effectively transforming the web into experiences that are enjoyable for consumers and more lucrative for businesses. Ramat Gan 100-1,000 active
ClusterTV ClusterTV was developed in order to simplify media buyers work. Our platform offers you the opportunity to save valuable project time while acquiring a highly targeted air time. We buy the unsold... רמת גן 1-5 active yes
CodeValue CodeValue is the home of software experts – CodeValue builds software tools, foundations and products for the software industry. We offer mentoring, consulting and project development services in v... המשרדים ברמת גן. עובדים בכל הארץ. 20-100 active
Comeet A startup creating an innovative platform that will change the way companies around the world collaborate and hire. We're located in Tel-Aviv and the Silicon Valley. Job opening in Tel-Aviv. Palo Alto / Tel-Aviv 5-20 active
Comm-it Comm-IT is a software and systems development house that provides advanced IT and communications services and solutions. active
Compit We are a young leading startup company located in Herzliya Pituah with headquarters in New York that develops cutting-edge customized analytical and technological solutions that are revolutionizing... Herzliya 5-20 active yes
ConduIT Ness Ziona 20-100 active yes
CyberX Cyber Security Hertzelia 5-20 active
Dome9 Security Dome9 is the leading cloud firewall management service. Our patent-pending security automation creates a strong, front-line defense that stops zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits, secures remote ... תל אביב 5-20 active
E4D Solutions חברת E4D מתמחה במתן שירותי ייעוץ פיתוח והדרכה בטכנולוגיות מיקרוסופט, Web ומובייל. החברה בבעלות פרטית, הוקמה ב- 2008 וכיום מונה כ- 100 עובדים. מודל הפעילות של החברה מבוסס על מתן שירותי Experts ב... פתח תקוה 100-1,000 active
Empeeric The Israeli Node.JS company EMPEERIC are pioneers in our way of thinking and use of cutting edge technologies. The use of ​Node.js​ at web or mobile app's development ​& advising combine our love ... Tel Aviv 1-5 active
GoDisco active
Guesty Guesty (YCombinator backed) is automation for the travel industry, replacing receptionists with software and creating the future experiences for travelers. San Francisco / Tel Aviv 5-20 active yes
HB Soft We are a freelance agency that focuses on creating solutions for startups and businesses. Tel Aviv 1-5 active
Hero Angular and .NET software development, analysis, design, implementation and integration. Tel Aviv 1-5 active
HoneyBook HoneyBook’s vision is to connect businesses to organize, transact and deliver exceptional services collaboratively. Our current mission is to enable event vendors to be more productive and connecte... 1 Zeitlin, Tel Aviv 5-20 active
HP 1000+ active
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Hyperwise Security We develop an enterprise security product to stop APT attacks Tel Aviv 5-20 active
IDI איי.די.איי חברה לביטוח בע"מ, חלוצת שיטת הביטוח הישיר בישראל, הנה הגדולה והמובילה בתחומה. החברה מציעה ללקוחותיה מגוון רחב של שירותים ביטוחיים אשר כוללים ביטוח רכב (רכוש, צ"ג וחובה), דירה, נסיעות לחו... פתח תקווה 1000+ active
Kenshoo a digital marketing technology company that engineers premium solutions for search marketing, social media and online advertising תל אביב 100-1,000 active
MadMimi 5-20 sold
Matrix מטריקס, המעסיקה כ- 7,000 מקצועני IT, הינה חברת טכנולוגיית המידע המובילה בשוק הישראלי. מטריקס עוסקת בביצוע פרויקטי אינטגרציה מן הגדולים במשק, פיתוח ויישום טכנולוגיות, פתרונות ומוצרי תוכנה, ייצוג ו... מרכז 1000+ active
Memofish Social Shopping Platform Tel - Aviv 1-5 active
Migdal חברת ביטוח 1000+ active
MisterBit MisterBit was founded in 2007, we specialize in developing web solutions with advanced technologies, and have over 2 years of experience with AngularJS. 3 developers are working specifically wit... מרכז 5-20 active
MOUSE UX חברת UX המובילה בישראל. מתמחים במוצרים וטכנולוגיות חדשניות , ומערכות web. בחברה גוף פיתוח של Angular נתניה 5-20 active
MOUSE UX חברת MOUSE UX מומחית בפיתוח מערכות מורכבות ובעיצוב חווית משתמש יוצאת דופן אנו מספקים פתרון מלא הכולל אפיון ועיצוב חווית משתמש (UX / UI) ופיתוח Front End בטכנולוגיות המתקדמות ביותר. אצלנו תמצאו א... המלאכה 18, נתניה 20-100 active
Mycheck MyCheck is a revolutionary mobile payment technology that allows users in restaurants to view, split, and pay their bill in real-time from their mobile device. tel aviv | New York | London 20-100 active
MyHeritage MyHeritage is the world’s most popular family network online. MyHeritage is a place for everyone to research their family history, to capture family moments and to preserve this information now and... Israel 100-1,000 active yes
Nodeside Full Stack Consulting and Development with a strong emphasis on building fast, light web apps using nodejs, mongodb and angularjs ירושלים 1-5 active
Nodeside Full Stack Consulting and Development with a strong emphasis on building fast, light web apps using nodejs, mongodb and angularjs ירושלים 1-5 active
NooBaa The crowd cloud - co share your resources with the community and get cloud resources in return. Tel Aviv 1-5 active
nSoft Solutions We have 10+ years experience in software development & web development. We love what we do and you'll love what you'll get. Tel Aviv 1-5 active
OneFeed OneFeed is here to make your life easier by concentrating everything you need on one place. Your favorite websites, your emails, your news are click away! Tel Aviv 5-20 active
OnOApps OnO Apps is a boutique for high added value applications for iPhone, Android, Symbian and more. Our operation consists of 3 managing partners plus developers and designers in both Israel and abro... Gani-Am 5-20 active yes
Opinya Opinya is a WEB development and consultancy agency specializing in Ruby ob Rails and AngularJS Kfar Saba 5-20 active
Optimove Optimove is a retention automation platform powered by predictive micro-segmentation technology. The software personalizes every campaign, to maximize revenues and customer lifetime value. Tel Aviv 20-100 active
Outbrain We're passionate about helping people discover great content נתניה 20-100 active
overvyoo מעלימים את המילים "איפה השליח" ו"איפה איש השירות" שמגיעים אלי הביתה מתוך השפה. תל אביב 1-5 active
PandaOS PandaOS is a young company located in Israel. We are a dynamic team that's focused on Online Video Solution on top of Open Source software. Tel-Aviv 5-20 active
Perfecto Mobile Perfecto Mobile is the world's leading cloud-based solution for continuous quality in the mobile world. ראש העין 100-1,000 active
Philips 1000+ active
Phytech Phytech constantly connets Growers to their plants קיבוץ יד מרדכי active
PractiTest Simplified Test Management Rehovot 5-20 active
PublicGains PublicGains is the international innovative crowdfunding arena that brings together entrepreneurs, experts, and investors for the purpose of forming successful startups, projects, and small busines... Tel Aviv 5-20 active
Purple Bit Purple Bit is a Dev Shop with expertise in Python and Angular.js. Purple Bit specialises in developing new products from the ground up and has a lot of experience in Product Lifecycle Management. Tel Aviv - Yafo 5-20 active
Puzzlehead Client Development active yes
Radix Radix has developed software solutions that harness years of computer engineering technology experience. The company has quickly become a recognized world leader and developer of premier software s... Or Yehuda 5-20 active
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Ravello Systems A Cloud technology startup. We develop a new innovative virtualization technology, that allows organizations to use the public cloud for running their complex, enterprise-level applications - wit... Raanana 20-100 active yes
Re-Mondes Inc. Agile Ruby on Rails development company חֵיפָה 5-20 active
Roojoom Roojoom is a dynamic experience for sharing and reading content on the web. Roojoom lets you grab content from around the web, organize it, add your insights, and then guide your reader thro... Tel Aviv 5-20 active
Rubysoft Angular.js and Ruby on Rails consulting, development and training. Trusted by Wix and HP כפר סבא 5-20 active
Self-Point Enables small-medium grocery stores to move into the online space seamlessly 5-20 active
SiSense We are an innovative big data, business intelligence (BI) software company that is leading the way into a new era of business intelligence, reporting, dashboarding and business analytics. Tel Aviv 20-100 active yes
SlateScience We are a small and friendly start up located near Herzliya making some cool education product for kids. גליל ים 20-100 active
SocialBelong feel BELONG whenever you are. Modi'in, Israel 5-20 active
Softimize At Softimize we are an expert R&D team focused on developing and leading best-in-class products. Some of these products serve millions of user and process 1000s of transactions per second. We do ... קריית אריה, פתח תקווה 5-20 active
sparXys sparXys specializes in software consulting, training and development. ראשון לציון 1-5 active
STMS The leading laboratory management system Petach Tikva 20-100 active
SupersonicAds SupersonicAds is a global leader in advertising monetization for social entertainment applications on web and mobile. Tel Aviv 100-1,000 active yes
tapper פיתוח אפליקציות ומערכות באנגולר וריאקט , מתמחים בצד לקוח. חיפה 1-5 active
TimeToKnow Tel Aviv 20-100 active
UI - Human Factors Ltd. חברת ה UX הגדולה בישראל. מעל ל 1700 פרוייקטים, מעל ל 700 לקוחות. בחברה מעל ל 60 עובדים ובינהם גוף פיתוח של Angular Profesionals נתניה 20-100 active
uVision חברת יו-וויז'ן נוסדה בשנת 2012, במטרה לספק פתרונות טכנולוגיים בתחום האינטרנט והאפליקציות. מתמחה בפיתוח בצד הקליינט ב AngularJS ובצד הסרבר ב PHP. 5-20 active
Verix Verix’s applications cover all functions across the commercial operations spectrum, from Sales to Marketing to Managed Markets. These applications are designed around the user business process, ena... Rosh HaAyin 20-100 active yes
Vicomi Redefining Comments 1-5 active
Vicon Security active
WalkMe WalkMe™ enables your business to simplify the online experience and eliminate user confusion. Think of it like a GPS, but instead of giving driving directions, WalkMe™ guides users every step of th... תל אביב 20-100 active yes
WatchDox (By Blackberry) WatchDox is the most secure way to enable organizations to access, share and control critical documents wherever they go: on any tablet, smartphone, or PC, even devices beyond the IT department’s c... Petah Tikva, Israel 20-100 active
Webiscope New Relic partner in Israel - the best Real Time Application Performance Monitoring for Ruby, Node.js & PHP. Having us as your local contact, enables you to enjoy our local support, professional... Tel Aviv 1-5 active
WIDEXPOSURE Established in 1999, by Oshri Kdoshim. Purpose company to bring awareness and innovations to the world various websites. We development Web & Mobile using Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Coffee Script , An... ראשון לציון 1-5 active
Wix 100-1,000 active
yayasoft תחום התיירות בני ברק 5-20 active
Ybrant Digital הרצליה 1000+ active
Yotpo Yotpo is a reviews and marketing solution for eCommerce stores. Yotpo helps stores generate tons of reviews and use them to drive quality traffic and sales through social media, email and other cha... Tel Aviv 20-100 active
ביזקוין זירת מסחר לעסקים קטנים, בינוניים ופרילנסרים עם מטבע ברטרים. תל אביב 1-5 active
וואלה! Founded in 1995 as Israel's first online website directory and part of Teletel Communications Ltd., Walla! Communications operates, the leading Israeli portal, managing a wide range... Tel Aviv 100-1,000 active
כרמיסופט חברה המתמחה בפיתוחים מתקדמים מרמת הקושחה ועד הסמארטפון כולל ווב ושרתים כרמיאל 5-20 active
לינווייט חברת שירותים שמתמחה בפרויקטים מבוססי קוד פתוח - מתמחים בדרופל, node.js, angular.js וrails (בעיקר מסביב לפלאגינים והתאמות לredmine) בני ברק 20-100 active
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מגהסופט Specialize in Node.js, MongoDB, Angular.js, Express, and Mobile Applications. Our team is also strong with Java: Spring, Hibernate, Spring Boot, Tomcat, etc נתניה 5-20 active
מלם מערכות חברת מלם מערכות בע"מ, מקבוצת מלםתים, הינה בית מערכות מהגדולים ומהמובילים בארץ, עם ניסיון של עשרות שנים בשוק המחשוב בישראל בכל מגזרי המשק. מלם מערכות מתמחה בניהול פרויקטים מורכבים במגוון טכנולוגיות ... כל הארץ 1000+ active yes